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Working Visa / Permit

We can help you apply for a working visa and permit whether the LMIA was already obtained or an open work permit when you or your spouse or child is eligible

Caregiver Program | Home Childcare Provider | Home Support Worker


This pilot program allows the candidate to apply for a work permit and PR application at the same time. No LMIA is needed for this option, only a genuine job offer from an eligible employer. Price may differ depending on the number of family member accompanying the principal applicant

Skilled Worker - Express Entry

Skilled workers can immigrate to Canada if qualified. Canadian Experience Class, Federal Skilled Worker Program and Federal Skilled Trades. The price differs depending on the number of family members accompanying with the principal applicants.


The employer needs to go through the LMIA application to hire a temporary foreign worker. We can help employers prepare for these complex steps

Provincial Nominee Program​

Provinces and territories have an agreement with the government of Canada in filling up their labour shortages. This program is a two-step application and can be complicated when not done properly. First, we will help you apply for provincial nomination and once approved by the province, we will submit an application to Federal for permanent residence. Additional charges may be applicable depending on the number of family members accompanying the principal applicant.

Visitor Visa and Extension

Explore the beautiful country, family visit or spend your vacation in Canada. We can help you apply for a temporary resident visa as visitor or extend your visitor records.

Super Visa

The Parent and Grandparent Super Visa (Super Visa) is a temporary resident permit that allows parents and grandparents to stay for up to 2 years in Canada per visit. It is valid for up to 10 years. A regular multiple-entry visa is also valid for up to 10 years, but only allows stays of up to 6 months per visit.

Family Sponsorship

Canadian citizens and Permanent Resident may sponsor their family members for permanent residence when eligible. Additional charges may apply depending on the number of family members accompanying the principal applicant.

Study Permit / Visa

Be a student of the Designated Learning Institution in Canada and enjoy the cutting edge school facilities and be able to work part-time and full time when allowed. Students may also be granted Post Graduate Work Permit from one year to three years so that they can transition to become permanent resident.

Temporary Resident Permit

To be eligible for a temporary resident permit, your need to enter or stay in Canada must outweigh the health or safety risks to Canadian society, as determined by an immigration or a border services officer. Even if the reason you’re inadmissible seems minor, you must demonstrate that your visit is justified. There is no guarantee that you’ll be issued a temporary resident permit.

Humanitarian and Compassionate Compassionate

People who would not normally be eligible to become permanent residents of Canada may be able to apply on humanitarian and compassionate grounds. Humanitarian and compassionate grounds apply to people with exceptional cases. We assess these applications on a case-by-case basis. There might be additional charges depending on complexity of your case.


We can help you apply for your citizenship application when you are eligible


PR Card Renewal

Criminal Inadmissibility Rehabilitation

Authorization to Return to Canada

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